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About Akkuslar Machinery

AKKUSLAR company, which was founded in 1972 by the Akkuşlar family in Istanbul, is a global company that has made a name for itself with its expertise in the production of sawmill machines, reliability in the international market and customer satisfaction, as well as one of the leading companies in the Turkish domestic market. Considering the requirements of the competitive market, AKKUSLAR company takes innovative and sustainable steps to carry the success in Europe, the Balkan countries, Africa, Russia, India and now to the United States with its 50+ years of experience. In 2022 the market growth required the opening of our new 60.000 sq. ft. facility, which increased the production capacity. In addition to our new fully equipped facility, our expert team of 50 people and our first-class service are our top priority in terms of maximizing customer satisfaction and reliability. Also, it provides service to our valued customers with the ease of accessibility from anywhere in the world for spare parts. AKKUSLAR has focused on circular saw technology for sawmill machines for over 50 Years. For this purpose, we are at the service of our valued customers with our motto “EXPERIENCE MEETS YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

Our company is at your service with its leading position in woodworking machinery and quality machines. If you would like to examine the machines we produce, you can examine the features of our machines by clicking the button on the side.

Machines We Produce

You can access some of the woodworking machines that our company started in 1990, and all our machines from the link below.

If you want to get information, you can contact us.